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Febraury 21 2014
The Equal Ground

Fox/Chris Sinclair is actually a double EP. Fox is by the band Fox and Chris Sinclair is by Chris Sinclair who is part of the band Fox.

Fox is just awesome. It's got that "classic" classic rock sound on par with Zeppelin, Hendrix, the Velvets, etc.and even takes some cues from lesser known also-rans like Sir Lord Baltimore and Pentagram. The heavy-balled guitar playing shreds through tracks like "Let Me Down" and intimidates in tracks like "Big Fred." These guys are big on bass lines –fat commanding things that dictate innocuous rhythms that suddenly grow taut and whip your ears mid-song. I'm partial to bass work in "High Tide Rising," a simple, repetition that plods along as if in step with a chain gang. Drumming is on-point as well, the other half of a power rhythm section that channels blues and proto-metal sensibilities, which is a fancy way of saying this sound reminds me of a lot of my favorite bands from these genres. This is hard rock, basically, but damn good hard rock.

Chris Sinclair focuses more on the strength of progression. Songs start genially enough, but quickly accelerate into high-octane affairs except "Far Away" that flows evenly up until the guitar solo that closes the album. The opener "Dayumn" ("Said that one's got some eyes like DAYUMN!") injects some humor in paranoia with the lyrics' content and Sinclair's own sublime stylings for both guitar and bass. The bass work here, and throughout the album, I'd say is far funkier than that heard on Fox. The notes linger long enough to wiggle in your ear before progressing into the next and it's mixed it such away that it often takes precedence over the other instrumental work. Much of the sounds heard on Sinclair pay homage to the writhing sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers and the fuzzy blue tones of The Black Keys.

This all comes to a head on the eight-minute closer "Motherfucker (Burn It Down)" where Sinclair tantalizes and torments by alternating the quiet and heavy moments. Violent guitar theatrics smolder over more easygoing percussion while the bass desperately tries to stay afloat next to its searing brother.

It's a very wise decision to release these two EPs concurrently. Both contain some of the sweatiest, sexiest rock ‘n roll I've heard while reviewing for The Equal Ground. Both are also similar in sound while having enough nuances to attract people not necessarily into the other. Anyway, we'll need bigger bandwidth if dudes like these send us their submissions.


Febary 12th of 2014
Revue WM Track of the Week

Kalamazoo-based Fox is a blues/rock band with history. The band's members — Chris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich — met in middle school. They took that friendship one step further, adding instruments to their repertoire and creating what is now known as Fox.

The band doesn't stick to one thing, however. During the course of a live show, Sinclair, Lawrence and Goodrich trade instruments, each showcasing their individual skills throughout the set.

Recently, the band debuted a double EP, Fox/Chris Sinclair, which features blues/rock jams like "High Tide Rising," "Big Fred" and "Let Me Down." The EP is currently available for download at soundcloud.com/foxtheband/sets/fox. See the band live on Feb. 28 at Rupert's Brew House in Kalamazoo or March 6 at House of Pancakes in Grand Rapids.

In the meantime, here's "Big Fred" for your listening pleasure.


Febrary 12nd, 2014
JP's Music Blog

From Michigan comes the rock trio Fox with their debut double-EP entitled "Fox/Chris Sinclair." It was released last year through the Kalamazoo Recording Company. The album begins with the funky "Big Fred," before get down and dirty with the bluesy feel of "The Morning." The guys really rock, with guitars blazing on "High Tide Rising," before closing the first EP with the six-minute, slow burn of Apathetic People."

The second half of the double-EP starts out with the jammy bass groove of "Dayumn" and the slow, sluggy beat of "Toxic Brain." The quick one, two punch of "Far Away" and "Alamo" leads right up to the eight-minute closer, the prog-rock feel of "Motherfucker (Burn It Down)."

To find out more about Fox and their latest release, please visit foxtheband.net.


Febinary 6nd ,2014
Smash Magazine

If you like Grungy, Bluesy Rock reminiscent of Hendrix, Zeppelin, and a smidge of White Stripes, Fox from Kalamazoo, MI has hit this one out of the park. The opening track, "Big Fred", comes at you hard with a grunge infused groove that gets your head bobbing and your foot tapping and right into "The Morning", with its Hendrix like riffs and a John Lee Hooker vibe that tackles your senses. "Let Me Down" is my favorite track on this EP that slaps you in the face with a Doors meets White Stripes vocal combination and ends with a guitar onslaught that I can't even describe. "High Tide Rising" and "Apathetic People" are the icing on the cake, round out the feel over this entire EP.

This kind of talent should not go unnoticed by the masses. If you don't take the time to listen to this EP, you are missing out. You can find the entire album at "soundcloud.com/foxtheband/sets/fox" and check out the bands Facebook page at "www.facebook.com/foxtheband".


Febinary 3th 2014

From the mid-west of The United States Of America, comes a righteous rock n’ roll calling and “Wow” did it musically speak for me!

Champion rockers Fox took my ears rocketing into bluesy rock feels with splashes of garage rock and dashes of spot-on 70's classic rock atmospheres. They take them all and enthusiastically and energetically floor it with a ‘loud & proud’ drive definition that more than captivated FORKSTER and had me highly impressed with their whole music ability package and professionalism and these cats live to rock n’ roll and to ‘bring it’ happily for anyone wanting to check their sound out. On that note, there definitely getting a really strong reputation for being a ‘live’ gem and FORKSTER truly feels that this rocking trio has a good chance in relating and exciting rock/blues rock fans all over the music globe!


January 7rd , 2014
Music Emissions

Fox is a blues rock trio, born and brought up in the historically significant musical center of Kalamazoo, Michigan (the birthplace of Gibson guitars). The players: Chris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich, are all multi-instrumentalists and appear to switch up from track to track across the Fox/Chris Sinclair double-EP. The first section is devoted to songs written by the trio, while the latter disc is exclusively a conceptual collection from the mind of Sinclair.

One gets the impression, early and often, that Fox is very much guitar-oriented, almost to the point where everything else is either drowned out or at least harder to miss. The work is far above average, with killer blues licks, riffs and a wide variety of lead runs marking the bulk of what makes the double-EP so enjoyable. The songwriting chops are there, but for the most part Fox/Chris Sinclair is a lighthearted showcase of fine instrumental ability. The vocals are nothing special, but the basswork is quite intricate and provides the underpinning each song needs. Of the two EPs, I find myself more intruiged by Sinclair's conceptual disc, although the concept itself is at best a loose thing that is hard to pinpoint. Sinclair's songs have more punch, variety and emotive impact, all things that much of each disc seem to lack at times. It's all relative, of course, and blues rock fans will perhaps find much more to love about these two albums than I, but I can't not give credit where it's due; this is a talented trio of musicians. What they need, in my estimation, is a permanent percussionist (the drumming across the two EPs is standard and only manages to keep up, at best) and perhaps a vocalist who can better relay the message, with the sort of impact that the music itself warrants.

As incomplete as the tracks feel, most of Fox/Chris Sinclair is undeniably appealing, with virtuoso guitar work laid over solid bass work and interesting trecks into a variety of genres (in terms of tempo and feel). Fans of Eric Clapton and Cream will no doubt find plenty to love about this record. Also worthy of note is the crisp production, which does a definitive job in highlighting the band's strengths while keeping a nice, organic flow in the process. All in all, a couple of EPs worth owning, but strictly for fans of the genre in question.


November 27, 2013
Recoil Magazine

What does the fox say? Well, in Kalamazoo, the band Fox speaks the language of blues rock. Sharing guitar, bass and drum duties between all three of its members (Chris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich), Fox has a very unique language indeed. Their double-EP release (the first written as a group, the second by Sinclair as a concept record) shows off just how capable these guys are at conversing with each other as musicians. Together they lay down lots of grooves, solos and riffs, sounding complementary and cohesive as a unit, while allowing each player plenty of room to show off their skills, and giving everyone from garage rockers to jam-heads something to enjoy. Listen to both sets now at soundcloud.com/foxtheband. –Eric Mitts

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